Bass Brega, keep going evolving my electronic style

A time ago I posted a track based in a brazilian rhythm called “tecno brega” ( , now i’m improving the synths with Helm to merge the “wobble bass” in my sound.
Check it out… some seconds of this work in progress:

[Using, Debian 9 - with KXStudio repos, Ardour 5.12, Helm, Zynaddsubfx, Calf Plugins, etc…]

[Actually I’m learning about synthesis with “Sound Synthesis and Sampling” by Martin Russ, and about mixing and mastering with the book “Mixing and Mastering in The Box” by Steve Savage. Even I can read and understand the books my english continues weak…]



hi,nice performance on ardour

Thank you gennargiu! The Ardour is simple amazing. :smiley:

Last update:

The track is availabre in…