Bandshed Records: MGV - Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

Hi Ardour folks!

Movin’, Groovin’ and Verhoeven (MGV) had a fun recent gig and luckily we filmed and recorded it and I’ll be sharing a few Videos of various songs and tributes we played throughout the evening. MGV has been together the longest of all the bands I’ve played in (over 30 years!) but strangely we haven’t done much in the way of Videos or recordings over the years so I was happy to catch some lightning in a bottle on a relatively good night…

Ten years ago if you told me I was going to become a Gordon Lightfoot fan and play his stuff live I would have laughed out loud, luckily people and times can change. The soft string-laden acoustic sounds of his 70’s recordings had never really attracted me to his music but a late-blooming recent interest in folk music got me listening and boy I had really been missing out! Putting aside the beauty of the songs his hand with a lyric is what really knocked me out… (yes, I’m one of those weirdos that actually pays attention to the lyrics…).

Here are our humble trio interpretations of his classics ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ and ‘If You Could Read My Mind’

The show was recorded to SD Card on a Zoom Livetrak L-20 and then imported into various Ardour 7.X incarnations and mixed and edited from there. Cameras were a combo of Zoom Q4n and a couple of Samsung smartphones. You may notice the drumkit is the recently released Blonde Bop… Video Editing as usual done with Cinelerra-GG…

Thanks as always, comments welcomed! Best to all!



Very nice. My 11 year old daughter is non-verbal autistic. Sometimes she plays 70s music all day. She loves Gordon Lightfoot. Is that a Fender Acoustisonic?

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Hi Craig, and thanks!

I see you’ve had a busy couple of years of recording and Videos too, well done!

Thanks for the comment regarding your daughter, my partner has a non-verbal autistic nephew so I understand in a small way how important it is for them to find something to become engaged and interested in. There could be a lot worse things than Gord!

Yes that is a Mexican made Acoustasonic telecaster I picked up on sale last fall. I’ve played teles for years and I’m a total tube amp snob but this thing has won me over and is incredibly versatile. I was bringing both acoustic and electric guitars and 2 separate amps to gigs and now I can cover all the bases for the material we do live with one rig. I wouldn’t say I would use it much in the studio as it will never convincingly be mistaken as a 100% pure electric or acoustic guitar but for a live repertoire of mostly covers spanning many stylistic acoustic and electric genres it kinda blows my mind how useful it is.

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Hey Glen, always a pleasure. I’m pretty sure Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was the first single I bought with my own money in probably 2nd or 3rd grade. Still gives me the chills. Well done.

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I’m not familiar with the original but I very much enjoyed your interpretation ! Even more so a Live one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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