Bandshed Records: MGV - From the Beginning LIVE!

Another live MGV Video from our recent gig at the Donnybrook 513… Many years ago early on in MGV history Peter brought me the ‘Trilogy’ album by Emerson, Lake & Palmer and said “have a listen, especially to From the Beginning…”. I was younger and dumber and pretty infatuated with the Blues and my fragile underdeveloped walnut music brain wasn’t ready at all for Prog or ELP, I listened and didn’t really get it. Fast forward many years and MGV had taken a break for a while and gotten back together with a plan to play a more acoustic show and between the embrace of acoustic music and finally developing a brain that could process Prog ‘From the Beginning’ resurfaced in my mind and we tried it out at rehearsal. Without a Moog synthesizer we were going to have to improvise and although I loved the recording and structure of the song I wasn’t crazy about the herky-jerky groove so it felt better for us to play it with a more linear groove and Dan adapted some of the Palmer ideas into a more bedrock beat. While working on it I got the idea to use my Delay pedal with its reverse Delay setting and it took things in a psychedelic direction and that seemed to stick. So credit for this choice goes to Peter, it’s one of my favourite tunes to play now, the chords are huge and spacious and Pete lights up like a Christmas tree as you can see and hear…

Thanks for reading and watching, the Video is here:

Best, Glen


BTW, what is this white rectangular box sticking out of the guitar’s head?

Haha, it’s a mini television so I can watch the hockey game while I play… :grin:

Naww, its a tuner… TC Electronic | Product | POLYTUNE CLIP

Yes, these televisions disguised as tuner are a great improvement….

The tune you posted makes me realize that I am old! I actually had the LP.

Good performance from you three, playing this song.

The sound is really nice.

Did you get it from the stereo outs of the mixer or from the instruments channels and made some post production tweaks in Ardour?

Thanks for sharing, it was pleasant to watch the video and listen to the music.



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Thank you Olivier for the kind words, yes we play old music, we are not young either but we look for well written interesting songs to play that suit our playing styles and my vocal limitations and quite often they are found in the golden period of 1967-71, Of course there are masterpieces in every genre and time period without a doubt but I think you would agree, a great song will always be a great song…

And yes the Zoom Livetrak L-20 Mixer (and other models) allow recording each track individual track to an SD Card so we were able to record the whole show multitrack and then import it into Ardour for post-production. The Audio from the 4 cameras was discarded and then they were synced with the Master Mix from Ardour.

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That was really enjoyable. I really like prog. Have not ever gone too deeply into ELP but I do sometimes play prog playlists on Spotify and I’ve discovered some bands that I completely missed out on. Camel comes to mind. Never heard of them till a couple years ago.

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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow. What a nice sound.

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Peppy, great sounds all around from you guys. Admiring the video setup. Subtler than N. Young, which works for gravity. Thanks, Canada.

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