Band rehearsal recording

Today I thought of adding some extra effects to one of our songs.
We recorded our rehearsal sessions with my Presonus Firepod.
Gatt Audio DK-5 drum mic kit (WO Snare, that was a sennh. gooseneck, don’t know the type, and WO the overhead, those were Beyer Dynamic, don’t know the type).
Sennheiser MD421 on rhythm guitar (Boss GT-6 with session CAB.) (panned left)
SM58 on Lead guitar (Line6 Spider2) (panned right).
Bass is Warwick amp via DI-out.

We don’t have a name, we don’t name our songs. If we have to play a gig, a name will follow.

Again, it’s just some rehearsal session, nothing big like a demo or something.

Plugins used intensively:
Calf Compressor (LV2)
Three band Parametric with Shelves (ladspa)
TAP Tubewarmth
Barry’s Satan Maximizer
Calf Flanger
External Behringer Virtualizer pro DSP2024P
And offcourse to squish this baby… JAMin:)

please tell me what you think


Oh yeah, I used PMC DB1+ for monitoring:)

There seems to be a limit to the number of downloads allowed for your mp3, but if you want more effects to try out, have a look at

These are JACK applicaitons, free to download, you will have to use qjackctl or the routing options in ardour to patch them into the outputs or make an insert on a bus / channel.