Banana Milkshake Project - Wah the Funk?

A jazz-funk song recorded and mixed in Ardour from a Scarlett 18i20 using only a few linuxDSP eqs and compressors and Calf limiters. Hope you enjoy it! We will be recording and uploading more as we find the time.

Bass - Tim Russell
Guitar - Ben Russell
Drums - Matt Russell

You’ve got a real type of thing goin’ down, gettin’ down
There’s a whole lot of rhythm goin’ round

Nice, thanks for sharing!

Hahaha! Cheers


Hot stuff! Great playing guys! And great recording too!

Good thing.
How many mic´s you use for drums?
What did you made with kick drum?
Sounds weak. Give it one mic :slight_smile: pls.
Give us more Jazz Funk!

listen to the kick, its just about 2 db louder than yours.

Thanks for your comments! I’m using a relatively cheap set of Superlux drum mics and additonally an SM57 on the snare. There is a mic on the bass drum but I agree that it sounds pretty weak. Just given it a boost in Ardour but I don’t think you can change the audio in a Youtube video without re-uploading the whole thing. I’ll look into it properly later!

it might not be the mic more the tuning,e ven a shure beta52a on a kick can sound weak if its tuned too tight.

commen problem i find with drums is the tone tuned right out of them by making them super tight.

remove all padding start tuning just above the rinkle point then add padding tune to desired note but dont go too high and dont add too much padding.

you can experiment by using the kick to trigger a gate on a seperate channel that has a tone generator say 60hz 70hz 80hz you pick.

also there is calf bass enhancer

This is just a question of expirience. By the time and trackings and precise listenings there will bee improvement for sure.
Working with filters-eq´s-dynamics is the “taste” :slight_smile: Trouble comes at mixing stage.
1 Bass Guit, 1 E-Guit and drumset, this is not so much ( and with fine Arrangement none of them will fight each other).

But, try this: take one room mic and put it on the mic stand into the corner of your recording room.
Leave it there for all your sessions. Forever!
Some mic capable to “catch” freq. from 40 Hz. Mic should point from corner to the center of room but there is no any rule, just try to catch that deep waves (pressure) They like the corner of room and mostly the corner are “boosting” waves for some 10-12 dB.
This room track is to be “smashed” with “NY compression” :), and than aded to the “soup”.
And it needs some " time" compensation ( its signal is delayed).
There are so many other “recipes” for good food.
Try it. Experiment and thats all.