Bakers Dozen - a whole album made with Ardour

This is an album of traditional English folk song and music. It may not be to the musical taste of everybody here (judging by the other stuff I’ve seen and heard) and it’s not going to hit the pop charts, but it is a complete commercial album (pressed CDs, jewel case, 8 page booklet, bar codes, ISRC numbers, registered with the relevant copyright protection authorities etc.) also available on download. CDs are on sale to the public, either online or direct from us at folk clubs, festivals and other gigs. It’s even had a couple of tracks played on a local BBC radio show…

  • and it was all produced with Ardour and other free software, including Audacity, several LinuxDSP plugins and cdrdao, on an AVLinux installation.

It’s quite straightforward acoustic recordings of vocals and instruments by two people, but Ardour was at the centre of all the extensive editing, overdubbing and multitracking and the usual touches of compression and EQ and even the odd note pitch-corrected with the “transpose” function.

You’ll find a description of the album here:
Downloads/previews at

Any flaws in the audio or production quality are certainly more due to my relative inexperience than to any shortcomings of the software used :slight_smile:

I’m quite pleased with it anyway. It’s my biggest project yet.

@GMaq: Thank you! (blushes modestly)
As you may recall, AVLinux changed my Ardour platform almost overnight from a time-consuming software installation and configuration project to a working recording studio. I’ve recently recommened it to a friend who was trying Ardour and having trouble with Ubuntu studio; he also got instant gratification with AVLinux, so you’ve definitely got something right there!

The singer, incidentally, is my wife and the arrangements are mine (especially the instrumentals) and hers. We’ve done four albums of similar material before, but for all of those those we let someone else take care of the recording and production technicalities.

What a great job, man ! I just downloaded your complete album, it’s really a PLEASURE to listen to it. Carry on, great arrangement, great mix, great instrumentals and … a great singer. I will continue listening to it in my car tomorrow, when I will have a two hours trip to a studio in the west. I’m deeply impressed of your work ! I like that style a lot.

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed


Just came from having a listen, great job! Very nice clean recordings that do a great job of capturing the essence of the songs and showing the timbre of the singers voice and the classic instruments. The arrangements and the singers voice are really suited to the material. As far as variety I think any variety and genre is a welcome addition to this forum!

Congratulations on completion of your project, I’m sure there were many hours invested and quite a learning curve, but I think the sound and arrangements are great! I’m happy to hear AV Linux was a useful platform to help you create it.

Gotta go now and find out what happens to John Barleycorn…

Great job Anahata.

Beautiful music, i don’t think the genre matters, every music speaks by itself regardless of language and genre as long as is well performed and a good music as yours.


Thank you! It’s had good reviews in some folk magazines now, including one that described it as “well-produced” so I’m feeling very pleased about it now!