Bad Idea - singer-songwriter

Hi there!

Here’s a recording of light-hearted little singer-songwriter-y tune I wrote about mumbles-incoherently years back, while I was falling in love with the woman who is now my wife. I’m not much of a singer, but I think the lyrics are pretty alright, hopefully some of you do as well.

Recorded and mixed entirely in Ardour. All strings plucked or picked by me, with the electric ones running through Guitarix. Drums sounds produced by Drumgizmo using the DRSKit.

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Such a cool and « fresh » song!
Now,you should deliver a « radio » shorten version of the tune😇.
Thanks for sharing.

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Nice write! I particularly like “I notify my next of kin” – seems apt for the YOLO vibe of the rest of the lyrics.

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I dig it! As for your voice, the first element I always look for in a singer is sincerity (even if a bit silly), do I believe this person? Brother, you’ve got it in spades.

Well done!

PS-I love the trainwreck drums at the end. An oft overlooked element when folks (checks mirror) use plugins.

Double PS-Ha! I checked your soundcloud and realized you are the same person who did doitoya which I also commented on. Sold!

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Heh, the only way I could shorten it without removing a verse and ruining the story would be to cut the guitar solo, and I like the solo too much to do that. I guess I won’t be getting much radio play. :wink:

Thanks Tres! And nice to see you, years later and in a different context. Did you realize that we know each other?

Such kind words, thank you! I’m having fun figuring out this whole recording / mixing / producing thing, it’s quite a thrill to have someone actually enjoy listening to it.

Rob, I didn’t recognize the avatar sketch, and had to poke around to figure out who you are! Fun to see you here.

Haha, keep it as it is,
Yes, I do believe the only way was to make the guitar break shorter, and it is true that it is part of the story.
Thanks again for sharing.

I thought that might be the case, so I figured I’d give you a clue. :slight_smile: Yes, nice to cross virtual paths… I hope things are going well in your world!

Very well, thanks! How’re things in your corner of the world (Is that still East Bay)? My son is living in El Cerrito and working in Berkeley these days.

Sheesh, discourse keeps making my replies not show up as replies… let’s try this again.

Yep, still East Bay… I’m in the Oakland hills. Things are going quite well overall, but I’m recovering from some surgery at the moment (all is well), so this week in particular I’m a bit less chipper and active than usual. Gives me a chance to work on some mixes that I’ve been meaning to get to, though, so it’s not all bad. :wink: