bad crash, good Ardour

Last night I was rushing to finish some work tracks in Ardour 2.8.4, built locally long ago here on my aging - and rock steady - 64 Studio system. Just as I completed recording the last track everything just locked up. The machine was fine, but Ardour was down. I was… well, let’s just say I was not happy. The track had been difficult to record, and I wasn’t looking forward to re-doing it. I sighed, took another deep breath, and re-opened Ardour to my project. Whoa, stop the presses ! My last-recorded track had been saved in its pristine glory (?), nothing at all had been lost, and I was able to complete the rehearsal tracks. A thousand thanks to the Ardour designers who have ensured such actions/salvation.

So I started wondering about other DAWs, Linux and otherwise. What happens to your data when Cubase or Pro Tools crashes ? How do apps such as Qtractor, Traverso, and Rosegarden handle such disasters ?



I noticed the same in one of my live recordings. Power outage 5 seconds into the applause… And all was well!

That was also on 64 Studio.