Bach Suite made by ardour

Hi everyone,

I made my Youtube-Video entirely with ardour.

I used reverb-plugins, equalizers, made dozens of cuts, etc.

It is my standard audio-editing program,


@renua: thanks for posting that. I love Bach, love the cello, and love the idea of anyone using Ardour to record them together. I will play this to my daughter later - she has been studying cello for several years now. I am intrigued though that you said you made dozens of cuts … why was this? the performance sounds live …

Sounds very good! Which reverb(s) did you use?

Truly beautiful!

If you did as much processing as you claim (and I have no reason to doubt your word), it’s amazing that it sounds so natural and “live”.


Thanks everyone,

@paul: I recorded this Prelude around five times live in order to send it as a premilary round to a cello-competition. A lack of time unfortunately prevented me from finishing it and due to my unsatisfaction with each live performance, I decided to do some cuts and select the best parts from each take to make a version I’m happy with.
I’m still, when listening to the recording, very critical with myself and I’d love to do some further perfections on it. Anyway, I’m really happy about the possibilities in Ardour and looking very much towards version 3.0.

I also did some new recordings in the meantime to which I warmly invite you to watch:

Prokofiev Sonata (live, I just did some reverb and equalizer in Ardour):

A really cool jazz/rock piece for cello solo, named Stonehenge (I did this one actually in my little flat, added reverb and changed the eq-settings, so it sounds a little more “electric”. The original sounds terribly dry):

And, last but not least, the very first and probably most famous Cello Prelude by J.S.Bach in G major:

I used the freeverb plugin for reverb and the built-in Apple 8-band equalizer, that’s all.

@DonF: Thank you very much, I was indeed surprised by the smooth editing, it was sometimes even possible to cut just one note, where my string did not entirely response, or when it was a little out of tune.

best regards
Thomas Auner

Great playing but a whole tsunami of reverb :slight_smile:

@renua - I agree with mcgruff, I also think that this is very good playing. I’ve never heard such a romantic interpretation and I’ve heard the piece played live by both Pablo Casals and Mstislav Rostropovich (on his last UK tour). You’re in good company, Mr. Auner.

I’m curious about the details, eg the sonic nature of the room you used, how many edits etc because there would typically be hundreds of cuts.

Quite a whle ago I wrote a couple of cello pieces in the style of the six suites - would you be at all interested in looking at the scores? They’re totally derivitive and could easily be mistaken for some of Bach’s off moments, but I’d love o hear them played by a proper musician.

Let me know what you think.

Grüß’ dich Thomas-Michael!

Bravo! Musikalisch steht es mir nicht zu, eine kritische Anmerkung zu machen. “Calf LV2 PlugIns” sind ein umfassendes und sehr gutes umfassendes Paket von Effekten - ich kompiliere regelmäßig die neueste Version für (X)Ubuntu 10.04 32bit. Schicke mir bei Bedarf eine PN zum Download von meiner Webseite.

Herzliche Grüße aus Salzburg,

@chazza: Thank you very much!
I really don’t remember how many cuts it took me but there have been plenty, I’d say around 100. However, being able to cut the music myself is one thing, another thing is to play them live. My plan is to put more live-recordings on Youtube soon…
The sonic nature of my room here is not good, it’s really dry. I used the Zoom H2 device for the recording and most of the cool sound is produced by the reverb of course.
This sounds interesting, although I’ve wrote pieces like that already myself, I’m much more interested in modern music for Cello, as Penderecki for example, or Ligeti. I actually have a quite serious gig today with one movement of Pendereckis Divertimento for Cello solo.
Anyway, thanks for the offer, I’m really busy at the moment, but when I got some time left, say in summer, I’d love to take a look.

Hallo Michael,
vielen Dank! Von Calf-Plugins habe ich schon viel gutes gehört, aber ich bin nicht auf der Suche nach neuen Plugins, da ich auf meinem mac einerseits den sehr guten Apple reverb habe und andererseits mit dem sehr einfachen Freeverb zufrieden bin.
Aber vielen herzlichen Dank trotzdem für das Angebot!
liebe Grüße Thomas