Babebabe audio made in ardour

I set out a year ago to finally record some old songs of mine. Ardour made that possible, thanks so much developers and happy belated 20th bday. Ardour and the whole recording and mixing process has also sparked some new songs and some bobbleheaded video:



Wonderful :slight_smile: This made me smile. What a personal touch. Animations were great also. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi and Wow!

Great job all around! Kudos!

Hi @blair.tennessy,

I agree this sounds really cool. Like the video, too. Keep on recording and re-recording… :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your positive words, I’ll try to go full CG on a future video… song will need to be about 90 seconds long tho max :slight_smile:.

Also I have to say thanks again especially to all the developers/contributors too for the AVL kits, DrumGizmo, calf plugins, and guitarix, and all the other opensource audio production ecosystem, your stuff is so much fun.

Very catchy tune. Got me humming “babe, babe…” while cooking dinner :slight_smile:

Amazingly well synchronized; heck even the bass-line fingering is convincing! What software did you use for the animation?

Thanks for sharing!

Wow. I love this! Love the animations too and how towards the end the positions of the animated characters seem to correspond to the position of the sound they’re playing in the stereo field. Awesome work!!


I did the rotoscoping on video footage in a custom Qt/GL program of mine, a primitive thing with matched-tangent bezier curve shapes which you can keyframe. From there the cuts between shots / layout of roto shapes / text is all done through python to generate svg. I wrote some rudimentary tracking to get some of the head and guitar movements, sans skew and scale, leading to the bobbleheadedness.

Probably better would be to use blender, it has great tracking and roto and a full compositing suite as well as everything else… I know now that I should have spent a few more hours over the holidays in a proper digital content creation app, rather than writing code. I think it would have been hours and hours of brute force roto either way. Still less frustrating than getting a good audio mix for me at this point tho!


GREAT! Nice composition and mix, i liked the style of the piece. I love how you treated de voices, really enjoyed the tone.