B4 Tonewheels


I just bought Ardour (not for 45$, but I DID pay… I am an unemployed university student, best I could do).

Before I bought it today I had the free version for a few weeks, and I once connected my laptop to an external drive with a bunch of Native Instruments stuff on it.

Now whenever I open Ardour it says that the B4 Tonewheels can’t be found and I need to install B4 again. I never did this in the first place, at least I don’t think I did, and it’s probably searching for the stuff on the external drive.

The only problem is that the window that pops up telling me t his only has a single “OK” button, and when I press it, the window just opens again telling me to install the B4 tonewheels. To be honest I don’t even know what the B4 Tonewheels even are.

How do I get Ardour to stop looking for things that aren’t there, and to the best of my knowledge I never asked it to look for?

I was hoping that downloading my paid-for version and using that would resolve the issue, but it did not.

Sometimes if I force-quit and then re-start Ardour, the B4 warning window goes away after a few clicks and the program works.
Sometimes that does not happen.



@Yeggman: this is not caused by Ardour itself. I’m guessing that you are using Ardour on OS X. The window you are seeing is coming from something else that you do have installed that is discovered by Ardour, and it is putting up the dialog window. I do no thave any idea what that might be. To get some kind of an idea, I would suggest that you open a console (Applications -> Utilities -> Console), clear its contents, then start Ardour. Paste the output that Ardour puts there here in another forum message, and we can take a guess at what might be the culprit.