Avoid focus on track when clicking mute/solo on editor list

Hi! is there a way to customize ardour behaviour when clicking around the editor list? I like having it open for quick solo/mute a track without scrolling all the way to wherever it is, while also staying in the region I may be manipulating at that moment. If it is not currently possible, I’d say it would be nice if the focus was only activated by clicking in the track name inside the editor list, leaving solo/mute buttons independent from it :thinking:

Obviously, since Ardour is totally open source, anything can be customized to your will. Just modify the source code of the program, rebuild and Ardour will do just what you want it to.

However, you almost certainly meant “a way to customize it without rebuilding it”, and sadly the answer in this particular case is no.

I guess one cannot avoid for too long being kindly straightened out here xD

Thanks for your answers gentlemen.

I’m giving this another go, probably my phrasing wasn’t the right one and my point got lost in the form.

My Tracks and Busses List behaves so whenever I click on a track button, that is solo, mute, active, etc, the focus of the editor window would jump at that track.

As an example here in this image I could be editing let’s say some vocals, whose track is way below the drum tracks, then if I click on the solo button of the “Kick in” track the editor window on the left will focus all the way up to said track, losing my “view” of what I was doing below, having to scroll back down.

Now if currently there isn’t a user friendly check box that says “disable editor jumping when clicking around the editor list” that I missed somewhere :sweat_smile: then my suggestion would be that clicking on the buttons of the right, marked with the blue rectangle, didn’t affect the focus of the editor, while clicking on the actual track names on the left and maybe the active and visible state continued jumping to said track on the editor if it’s not already focused there.

Well, I hope regardless of my point’s worth I’ve been able to explain it better :cowboy_hat_face:

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This is a great point, and I don’t know of a way to prevent focus jumping like you have described, so it would be worth taking this last post in it’s entirety and putting it on Mantis as a feature request so it doesn’t get lost.


This is now implemented in git master (and will be in the upcoming Ardour 6 release). No need to file a feature request :wink:


Well then fine, make a liar out of me! :smile: