Hi there guys, sorry to hear what happened with your forums, some one is a real ass hat out there…

I have been test driving AVLINUX recently on a little machine

Things seem to be working flawlessly, I achieved 5.3ms latency, and < 30 % CPU load with CALF MULTIBAND Compressor, and 12Band EQ + JACK PATCH BAY + IDJC, I am very satisfied with the results and the audio quality is first class.

I love the way you have organized the system management menu, the screen resolution tool is top notch, for example, every thing is very intuitive and its not functionally overloaded…

I cant rember every thing now, tnx to the bum hacker, but I have many gui refinements and minor polishments to suggest for you and have discovered a couple of areas which might be giving other ppl trouble I will compile a txt file and post them all later

tnx for a top class distro you have allot to be proud of.

It seems that jacks default priority setting would cause it to have a problem reading the buffer in time. setting to 89 remedeys this.

When the kernel boots it mentions that some debuging is enabled.

all of this is minor, Some of the linuxdsp plugins icons are missing…

It would be sweet if calf plugin host could rember its window posistions some times it starts at the bottom of the screen not sure if this is being caused by something like monitor or gpu.

also it would be really good if you could make a rack host for the linuxdsp plugins…

when you load a preset into linuxdsp plugins the name of the preset is not shown like it is in the valve stereo compressor.

stay tuned… more testing to come hopefully you will have your own forums up and running


Thanks for your comments, As far as the kernel debugging message it has been fixed in the latest Kernel and was totally benign anyway. Calf is still very alpha especially the 0.0.19GIT packages included and the host can behave weirdly especially if Calf Plugins are used with LV2 Rack. As far as linuxDSP JACK Plugins go it is quite easy to rack them up in any way you desire using the included linuxDSP JP-1 patchbay. As far as racking the LV2 plugins there are some programs in progress like LV2 Rack but there is still a long way to go if you aren’t using them in a host like Ardour.

I appreciate your suggestions but am wary of getting too specific with AV Linux issues here on the Ardour forums out of respect. When there is any news regarding new or revived AV Linux forums there will be an email to all AV Linux forum members ASAP. In the meantime for any important or pressing issues you can email to infoATbandshedDOTnet


tnx!! i cant wait for development to resume fulltime again, respect to arduor ppl for being understanding

@damnit321: Thanks for your comments and feedback. I think most if not all of the issues you have raised about the linuxDSP plugins are fixed in the current versions (on the linuxdsp website) and therefore should also be fixed in the next A/V Linux release. Specifically:

  1. linuxDSP logo icon in the top left hand corner of the window border on JACK plugins, yes this was missing - believed to be fixed, I’ve had no problems with the latest versions.

  2. Preset names - when you load a preset into the jack plugins, the name gets displayed in the status area at the top of the plugin. In the LV2 versions, the plugin name / preset / track number information is given in the window title bar, so this is not really a bug, but it may be changed slightly in future.

  3. Racking up the linuxDSP plugins, there are some LV2 rack applications already available, and the plan is to eventually have all plugins in all formats, so you could just use the JP1 patchbay and the JACK applications to achieve this. The patchbay will save your routing for you (you can also make a default setting), and if you load a routing preset (or the default setting) into the patchbay, if it can’t complete the setup because not all the required apps are running, it will attempt to complete the patch automatically when you start more applications. So for example, if you start the patchbay, and then start the JACK applications, it will automatically make the (default) routing config for you.

Also, in case there was any confusion, the forum on which the AVLinux forum is hosted was hacked, but this has NOT affected the linuxDSP website or linuxDSP forum as it is completely unrelated (our forum is hosted over at KVR audio) neither has it affected A/V linux directly (as far as I’m aware). Development of the linuxDSP plugins continues full-time (as it always has).