Avl enlightenment edition

If you are interested download link:


Shhhh don’t tell everyone! :blush:

Perhaps better context for Linux Audio folks:

Oh sorry I can never keep a secret :zipper_mouth_face:
I posted on reapers site also😇


For the record, back when I ran exclusive Linux for Audio produciton I ran Enlightenment E18 for the desktop as well (and previously had run E17) so I can completely understand the thought process here, it was one of the cleaner looking but still lighter weight desktops around at the time, though I haven’t run that particular use case of Linux in some time to know how it has progressed, hopefully in a good direction!

All that to say, interesting our minds think alike Glen, and that should definitely terrify you for the record :slight_smile:

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. Thank you. Enlightenment looks very good. I wonder how it works

Take a look…


Thanks. I will only install Ardour 6.8

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