AVL Drumkits new Blonde Bop Kits Released!



The only other possibility is any other plugins that were contained in the previous large multiple plugins Package would also be uninstalled, but all of those Plugins and more are all in the Plugins archive I linked.

Stuff like that is custom Packaging specific to AVL that isn’t handled by regular MX Repository updates at this point in time… See the User Manual page 6…

Many thanks for all your help Glen
Do you have a release date for the new version?

@GMaq I received a question pertaining to the plugin

Why is the kick on BB Hot Rod lacking all the low end ?

Did some quick testing and noticed the difference. I have been thinking Red and Black did lack punch on the kick so I was glad the new (to me) BB was punchy and had a lot of low end.

Tested the BB HR and was amazed about the difference. Is the drummer (Sample guy) hitting the kick with the HR stick so it is by design ?

You may recall that I also wondered why the kit pieces that are played with feet sound different in the hot-rod version. Would you mind elaborating?



There is an audible difference because the sampling sessions for the regular stick version and the HR were done a day apart and I decided to sample the Kick on both days so the Kick is not shared between both kits. I did some processing to the Kicks because all recorded Kick drums need processing, but both Kicks had the same Plugin processing employed. Kick drums are very sensitive to the beater velocity and often a soft hit will summon a deep overtone off the beater head that a harder hit may end up quashing so it could possibly be what samples were chosen and that there was less overtone in those choices.

I would say one is deep and the other has ‘no low end’ is a bit hyperbolic, they do sound different but I wouldn’t describe it as a day and night difference and I listened to them a lot of times…lol. That said, I’m open to sharing the non-HR Kicks between both kits if that would be more satisfactory.


i think the regular BB Kick sounds a lot better but that’s my taste.

I find it difficult to get the low end punchy on the other AVL kits and also on many recorded kicks so I was happy to find the regular BB really punchy but i might also be subject to my ATH M50x headphones I used when checking the BB Kit.

If other people agree, maybe using the same kick in both versions would be a good choice…

Anyway, Thanks to both of you for making the AVL Kit

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My go-to signal processing for Kick drums (both my own and others) is this:

Barrys Satan Maximizer either LADSPA or LV2 first in the chain at about -4 or so knee point to level things out and make it kick ‘harder’ then the Calf Plugins Bass Enhancer (ignores the gasps from x42 and paul) it may have issues in it’s DSP but it sounds magical with Kicks… I usually aim for a frequency of 80Hz and tweak both the amount and output to boost it without overloading, this gives a nice ‘Poff!’. Lastly I use the linuxDSP/OvertoneDSP/ACMT ‘PEQ/PTC’ pultec emulation Plugin (whatever version you may have), I set this for 20 or 30hz and dial up the boost to get some subby Beef to go with the Poff! and then dial it back on the second attenuation knob for the ‘Pultec Bass Trick’. Lastly all of this tomfoolery will necessitate a limiter on the Kick channel and I use the x42 limiters. For me this recipe rarely fails and it makes the Bop’s 18" Kick sound much larger…

*Note the Black Pearl and Red Zep Kicks were mostly unprocessed, I didn’t have this workflow figured out back then…


Glen, I’m totally happy with the sound of the kits. Blends perfectly with the rest of the instruments/samples I have used. For my taste, no change required. I love it.


Thanks for clarifying, man. Today I retired my Barry’S Maximizer (for good, I hope, as a Christian), so this is news. There are perks to both unprocessed and processed versions, so wise choices everyone. I personally am content with the fact that bass can be subtle, too.

Hmmm, that’s too bad, it’s a great plugin! If it’s wicked it’s only because it’s wickedly good! I wouldn’t take the name very seriously it’s a very useful Plugin, that name is in jest…

Hey, not knocking the plugin per se, kill-switch type of plugins can be useful, after all.

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One thing I would like to add, what I often do:

If I can’t get the sound of a kick or snare the way I like it to have with EQ, compressor and ambient, I route the midi to another sampler with a kick/snare sample and where I only filter the MIDI info for the kick/snare thus adding an additional sound layer - (or I mute the original kick/snare completely.)

This is so easy to do!

Of course I always use the multi-output version of the AVL drumkits only.

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Yes, it’s true, a well-balanced kit, loud or quiet, can be a quite a blessing, and with digital tools truly sky’s the limit.

Hello @GMaq , now my first little home production with this drumkit is done, I would really like to say thank you once again. I’m so happy about the sound, for me a prefect fit. What a great work :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear! Will you share it with us in the Made with Ardour section?

Over the busy summer months I’m working on the new Hand Percussion kit and I’m also gigging with it in an acoustic Duo, it’s still developing but I think it will serve a niche for those doing more folk and acoustic based projects.

In the meantime thanks for the kind words!
Best, Glen

I love the BlondeBop Hot rod version of this plugin, with x42_midi_delayline sounds very realistic!

Hi Glen, yes, sure, you can find it down below.
I added some compression, EQ, and ambiance to kick and snare.

Thanks again RobinG and GMaq for giving us these.
I just had an in-depth listening session, with Blond Bop in all manner of modes, and some ideas follow. Could the unprocessed sounds be provided? See, in a truly acoustic setting w/ Blonde Bop HR, I felt like Glen MacA’s “mixer” had done me an old one. Impossibly “electric” and “wide”. A baroque rock, among others, may benefit from those bright Canuck maple tones, but not too easily with the boosting going on. A transparent sound character, I say, can be the all-around mixer’s best friend.

Another point I’d like to bring up is tuning, its possible benefits. Could AVL-drums feature some sort of semitone based tuning mechanism in the plugin itself? It would also be grand if AVL-drums (and optionally other drum instruments) could default into “percussive mode” (“Note input”)-- maybe thru a separate check-box in Ardour’s Add track configuration.

For these considerations, and in general, a thank ye both-- particularly Glen, whose drum work has been a blessing to so many productions, wrldwide. Ardour generally, too, of course.


Hi there!

I don’t disagree with your assessment and as I explained in the release Video the thing about the HotRods is they sound massive which is the opposite of what you would think, one assumes they are getting you much of the way toward a softer brush kit sound but this isn’t necessarily the case. To be honest with the exception of the Kick drum there is not a load of processing happening on the final samples, the combination of the HotRod’s characteristics and the live undampened single ply drumheads on the kit made a bigger sound than I bargained for…

That said I would agree that there is an obvious softer niche that is missing and for those doing softer folk, bluegrass and even jazz a proper brush kit is probably in order… It’s on my mental todo list but it won’t be soon… it’s currently idea #73 and I have time to complete about 10 ideas per year…

First I would need to work in the Studio with a talented brush player to get the recording techniques down and next I would need to learn what exact techniques would be needed to effectively sample the brush strokes. There are many nuanced things that brush players do like sweeping the snare and if I were to do a brush kit I would want it to absolutely kill and not be a series of compromises…

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Excellent. Thank you, Glen, for clarifying. You don’t seem like a petite drummer, which I’m sure translates in the sound as well. All the best.

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