AVL Drumkits and velocity

I read that the AVL drums plugin uses five velocity layers (1-26, 27-52, 53-77, 78-102, 103-127), from what I understand that velocity 1 triggers the same sample as velocity 26. so if I’d want to change the velocity of one note from lets say third layer to first layer, I maybe have to scroll down from 60 to 26 (or type in 26). The question would be: can we lock these layers to use just five assigned numbers so we can quickly scroll up and down from one intensity sample to the other?

You misunderstood that.

Layers refers to available samples. e.g. Snare (note 38) velocity 1…26 uses the same quietly played snare-drum sample. The velocity still matters. Velocity 1 plays the sample just more attenuated compared to velocity 26.

PS. It’s up to five layers. All the choked cymbals have only one layer (notes 50, 52, and 58). The rest of the kit was sampled with five different velocity layers.

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Thank you for clarifying that, I’ll play around a little bit with it, although I’m feeling I would be more comfortable with less velocities xD
Been fiddling with the MIDI utilities that are available but not quite getting what I’m after, which is I think a velocity mapping tool? something that reads the velocity of the note and translates it to whatever I set it to. So if I want to work with ten levels of intensity I can assign 50-59 to ten handpicked velocities that then will be read by AVL drumkit.

Robin’s velocity range mapping plugin might work :grinning:

Thanks, I was actually trying it right after posting, it effectively filters out velocity values, but it seems to me it cannot change a value for another.

You may be able to do something with the MIDI Transform tool.

Thanks for the suggestion, didn’t know it existed, I’ve played around with it a little bit but apparently what I want either cannot be done, or it just cannot be done by me xD
I’ll manage as it is. Thanks everyone :cowboy_hat_face:

What you could do is, with the scrollwheel, change the velocity to 62 (-2), 63 (-1), 64 (no change), 65 (+1) and 66 (+2), which is easy, then when you’re done with all your velocities, in the MIDI Transform tool, create an operation :

Set velocity to this note’s velocity
[ - ] exactly 64
[ * ] exactly 25
[ + ] this note’s velocity

This maps 62 / 63 / 64 / 65 / 66 to 12 / 38 / 64 / 90 / 116 (which are values in the center of the desired ranges).

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Note that the order of the operation does matter, as there is no “parenthesis” operator and no operand precedence, operations happen successively.
Also note, 25 is for 5 levels of velocities (127 / 5). If you want 9 levels, make this 25 a 14 (127/9), after manually setting the velocities to [60;68].

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That works very nice, thank you for your time there : )


Ideally it would transform the velocities in real time, like the other Robin’s MIDI plugins that filter off as it is played. Anyway what you’ve showed me here is very interesting, and I wonder what else could be achieved with this method with apparently lots of possibilities. Although I have to admit I don’t quite get these operations, I mean sure I can add and multiply but I would need a maths magician like you for translating into actual actions :cowboy_hat_face:

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