AV Linux MX Edition Released!

Hi Ardour friends!

Just passing along the premiere release of AV Linux MX Edition with Ardour 6.5, Mixbus 6.2.26 and VST3 support (and plugins!)


This is awesome. Congrats!

FYI, there was another Mixbus release prior to Ardour 6.5 but I don’t think it was widely publicized for some reason: http://forum.harrisonconsoles.com/thread-9638.html.

Hi and thanks!

I didn’t receive an email about the MB32C update… :roll_eyes: Oh well, too late now… I can’t imagine that the version on the LiveISO is that bad, people who install AVL-MXE will upgrade when new releases come out anyway I suppose…

I didn’t either. I just stumbled across it on the Mixbus forum.

Really looking forward to downloading and trying this in the morning. It looks beautiful.

hi @GMaq
thanks for openbox
plz add bunsenlabs themes for better view

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