AV Linux Forum Offline


Firstly I beg Paul’s indulgence for using his forum to pass this along.

On May 1, 2010 the server which hosted the Remastersys and AV Linux forums was nastily hacked at the root level. As a result these forums are offline. Since a lot of AV Linux users also frequent this forum and vice-versa I thought I’d pass this along here since I can’t communicate with people through my own forum. I’ve been in contact with fragadelic the Remastersys dev and the best course of action is being determined, hopefully we’ll be back in action soon. The AV Linux website and ISO downloads are hosted elsewhere and were not affected by this issue. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Further to the above post, I’d like to clarify if there are AV Linux issues that don’t relate to Ardour and are of reasonable importance or a time sensitive nature you can email to infoATbandshedDOTnet. The post above was simply to communicate what the issue was with the AV Linux forum not to move AV Linux traffic to the Ardour forum.

Thanks again to Paul for allowing me to post this info here.



AV Linux forums are back online at their original URL. Due to the diligence of fragadelic only a couple of days worth of posts before the hack were lost. Just passing this along to any folks who use the AV Linux forums who aren’t members or missed the email.

Thanks again to Paul for the advertising/announcement space…

Look for AV Linux 4.0 with many changes and exciting improvements and additions to be released in mid to late May (Hopefully with Ardour 2.8.8 included)


I cannot register in the AV Linux forum. Are there some problems there?


Recently forum membership security measures were ramped up due to Spammers and an undesired side effect seems to be some people having trouble registering on the Remastersys/AV Linux forums, The most direct way to remedy this is to visit the Remastersys home page here: http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/

Click on the ‘Contact’ link which will allow you to email ‘fragadelic’ the senior forum admin. Let him know you want to join the AV Linux forum and describe the issue you are having and he will help you resolve the issue. My apologies for the difficulties… we sincerely welcome new members unfortunately we are tweaking to find the balance of security needed to keep the Spammers out.