AV Linux Forum Moved


I realize this is a bit OT so thanks to Paul for allowing me to post here:

The AV Linux forums have been moved suddenly and unexpectedly due to termination of the 3rd party hosting they were on. Fortunately a backup from May 16 existed and with help the forum was moved to a much better and permanent place on my own hosting. It was intended to let existing users know with a post on the old forum but the service provider terminated the hosting several days earlier than they originally indicated and the forum suddenly vanished…

If you joined or posted after May 16 you may need to sign up again…

My sincere apologies to all AVL users for the inconvenience, a huge thanks to fragadelic who truly saved the day!

Please update your URL to the new address: http://bandshed.net/forum/index.php

Welcome back - Signed in and confirmed back in action!