AV Linux/Ardour + QU-24

Using Ardour 5, my Allen&Heath QU-24 digital mixer seems to link up Ch. 1 thru 18 but after 18 the numbers get mixed up, any ideas

My guess is that the QU-24 is represented as more than 1 device, and the one you’re using has only 18 channels.

Paul, I guess I don’t understand, I have 24 channels plus aux and sterio channels a total of 32 channels. The board is set to read the usb-b port in the back and is set up for 32 channels. Could it be that Ardour after 18 channels is not reading the other add channels correctly. Using Windows and the daw controller on allen&heath site and CuBase works fine. Could Ardour have to have a daw controller for it to work correctly.

On page 78 of the QU Mixer Reference Guide it explains how to route the outputs via the mixer’s internal software. The adjacent photo shows the higher numbered channels assigned to outputs that do not correspond to the input number. Is your “CH/ST Source” in the “USB Audio” submenu set to “Insert Sends”? If so, try changing it to “Direct Outs”, and see if that produces the desired result.

I want to thank you, it made me look into every little thing a little deeper including jack, come to find out I had jack configured wrong.
All 32 channels are working great
Thank You again

AV Linux + Ardour + Allen&Heath’s QU-24
I now can get an 8 mic’d drum set, 8 instruments, my VOX and the 4 backup singers. All 24 channels, Ardour + Allen&Heath’s QU-24 working all together and better than I hoped.