AV Linux 6.0.4 'Diehard' Released!

Hello fellow Ardour fanatics!

AV Linux 6.0.4 has been released with a whole boatload of important updates and additions, of special note are some special ‘Development Preview’ builds of Ardour3 on the LiveDVD that both give a look at the new canvas and also have been tested with falkTX’s ‘Carla’ plugin host bringing the possibility of using DSSI Plugins on Ardour tracks as well as hosting SFZ Sound libraries without using Linuxsampler externally! As usual an alternate ArdourVST3 build directly supporting WinVST plugins is also provided for the brave/crazy.

Please stop by the AV Linux forums and get all the details: http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=3474.0

An huge thanks and ‘I’m not worthy’ bow to Paul Davis for the amazing ongoing work on Ardour3!!