AV Linux 6.0.1 Released

Hi fellow Ardourites!

AV Linux 6.0.1 has been finally released. Enjoy Ardour 2.8.16, 2.8.16VST, Ardour 3.1, 3.1VST, and the demo version of Harrison Mixbus 2.3 all on one LiveDVD. Also enjoy pretty much every functional LV2 and LinuxVST plugin known to exist including linuxDSP, Loomer, Pianoteq and Harrison Demos. Also note the Harrison LV2 Demos are placed systemwide on the LiveDVD so you can use them with Ardour as well…

Full scoop here: http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=3058.0

Screencast (including an Ardour 3.1 session approximately 10 minutes in) here: http://vimeo.com/67617617

seems like good news.
does av linux support the ardour project?

Hi t0by,

It depends on what you mean by support, As an Ardour user I personally donate to Ardour, as a packager/distributor I make it a priority to present Ardour working properly with a lot of extra bells and whistles so people have a positive experience using Ardour (and Mixbus) and hopefully at least some of those people will come to ardour.org and become supporters themselves in time.

On the other hand Mixbus supports AV Linux by giving me a cut of any Mixbus sales originating from my web store link at the AV Linux website, this doesn’t cost the user anything extra so of course I appreciate anyone who has been introduced to Mixbus through AV Linux to buy their license key through the site link.


Thanks GMaq, this is great news - AVLinux is great, i normally prefer the user friendly’ness’ of Ubuntu but when it is about stability and getting the most out of an old pc or laptop AVL just rocks! will install it on my old laptop, hope to get good support for my firewire interface (focusrite) in there.

t0bY: as far as I am concerned, AVLinux does enough to support Ardour by simply existing. Enough said?

For many users including myself, AV Linux has changed Ardour from a technically challenging hobby project for Linux geeks to a DAW for musicians and recording engineers to just switch on and start making music.

I call that supporting Ardour, and I think that’s what Paul meant.

@all: Thanks for your feedback.

Promotion wise, I’m currently promoting Ardour at the music conservatory i am studying at.
However, the comparison to Proprietary DAW’s still seems to be a primeval reflex.
(At least i got the head of the department to install Ardour2 about a half a year ago. :wink: )
If educational institutions realize that linux is much more affordable to maintain, especially as multimedia environment, e.g. AVLinux, there could be money spent wiser.
Therefore, no pun intended :wink:
Keep on going!

  • to prevent misunderstandings, ardour is not in use there, is was only tested…

Gmaq brilliant news, thank you so much for this!!


The irony is AV Linux largely exists because of Ardour, my early experience with it’s potential as a great DAW made me want to share it with others who hadn’t taken those first few awkward steps yet… symbiosis at work I guess :wink:

My post over on the AV Linux Forum…


THANKS Paul & GMag!!!

hi GMaq .
Av linux and Ardour are getting more and more bosnian users :).
Many people do not know nothing about it. I give support to some
musicians and engineers.
Love your “distro” its the “be-A-st” one.
Question: (@paul also)
Is ardour 3.1on av linux 6.01 in demo mode? How to “activate” it :)?
NO pay pal, no visa,master etc cards.
Is there any other way to activate all functions (plugin presets saving) in ardour 3.1?
What to do?

As far as I know there are two options:

  1. build it yourself
  2. f(x) = (x^n * users) + envelope; n >= 1, x = coins
    f(x) + stamp -> paul -> ardourbuild -> you
    paul + you = happy

(sorry, I couldn’t help it)


Ardour 3.1 on AV Linux is fully functional and has no restrictions at all however Mixbus is the demo version only and has to be purchased.

thx, but im not a new school MC :slight_smile:

to build a package it needs some time and patience.
libraries, dependencies…
im not a developer :slight_smile: Paul makes it better.
And its more social. If i would build it alone…?

I am happy@recording, editing, mixing and mastering with/in Ardour.

in ardour 3.1 i couldn’t save my own preset in ladspa plugins.
May bee i m doing it wrong. I ll try it again and give a feedback.
Thank You

Not to forget:
i´ll find a way to support makers of Ardour and AV linux.


An updated AV Linux ‘6.0.1B’ ISO has been uploaded with a few changes, fixes, and updates most notably the hotfixed 2.3.1 version of the Mixbus demo. If you are using AV Linux as a Live system only you will have to download the updated DVD ISO image to get all the changes, however if you have already installed AV Linux 6.0.1 to your hard drive don’t fear, just read the 6.0.1B Addendum to the changelog below with links to the updated packages. Please note Ardour 3.2 was released today at the time of this writing, the Ardour 3.1-134 GIT builds on AV Linux 6.0.1B are only a few commits different than the official Ardour 3.2 release.

ADDENDUM (6.0.1B Changelog)

I noticed the many URLs in GMaq’s post got clipped off. All of these packages can be found starting from http://bandshed.net/avlinux6-debs

Hi again, ive tried to save my presets in lv2 plugins on ardour 3.1 inA/V 6.01.
But it is not possible. I believe that this version of Ardour is a kind of demo.

I have another question:
how to edit my keboard setting.
When i press Alt+Space, i would like listen to the chosen range in Ardour.
But i see just the menu of WM.
How to change this?


Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the issue of LV2’s not saving their state, however my Ardour 3 packages are ‘snapshots’ between releases to give people a good look at recent developments in Ardour since Ardour is consistently being worked on and improved with occasional point releases, also I build my own Ardour packages to save space on the AV Linux ISO because the official Ardour binaries are very large when installed. If you are having a problem with my builds it is ALWAYS recommended to download the official Ardour bundles from here: https://ardour.org/download.html

The Ardour developers don’t support my packages (or any other distribution packages) because they now provide their own binaries, for the best support experience with Ardour I also recommend people who have installed AV Linux to update and continue to use Ardour from the official binary bundles from the link above.