AV Linux 5.0 Released.

Hi fellow Ardour and Mixbus users

A quick note to announce the release of AV Linux 5.0. Of note to Ardour users is the presence of both Ardour and ArdourVST 2.8.12SVN9675 on the LiveDVD. Ardour 3.0 is not on the LiveDVD to respect the wishes of Paul (Davis) to not have an Alpha/Beta 3.0 release on a distributed LiveDVD. To be clear as of it’s release AV Linux 5.0 is ready to both build and run ALL Ardour variants and is a recommended Mixbus for Linux platform, in fact the AV Linux website is a Mixbus store affiliate so users can support both Ardour and AV Linux development at no extra cost to themselves by purchasing Mixbus through the AV Linux website if they so desire.

For the full release announcement please have a look here:

AV Linux website:

A sincere personal thanks to Paul and the Ardour development team for the amazing ongoing work on both Ardour branches and to Ben Loftis and the Harrison folks for bringing Mixbus to the Linux platform and supporting an ‘underdog’ project like AV Linux.

Glen MacArthur - AV Linux developer

Congratulations Glen,

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Good news

Good news

Excellent news, though I take it you’ve given up waiting for Ardour 2.8.12 which was promised as part of the next AVLinux release.

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The longer I do this the more obvious it becomes that there is never a perfect time to release a Distro. I do not know what the status of 2.8.12 is as an official release, obviously like everywhere else everyone is overworked and underpaid and big things are understandably afoot with Ardour 3.0.

I do know that the 2.8.12SVN builds in AV Linux 5.0 have significant improvements over 2.8.11 and a nasty hidden JACK reconnect bug which was a primary concern has been fixed. In order to align schedules with some other facets of AV Linux it was decided to go ahead with the release and simply provide the latest available Ardour 2.x version.

If the official Ardour 2.8.12 offers significant improvements I will provide updated packages at that time.