AV Linux 5.0.2 Released!


Just wanted to pass along the release of AV Linux 5.0.2, This time around we have a custom 3.0.6 Kernel with threadirqs, M-Audio fast track pro 24bit support and an important RT scheduling patch to enhance irq threading performance with multi-cpu machines provided by Trulan Martin. Of specific interest to Ardour users is the ability to build and run any Ardour variant including the new linuxDSP custom Ardour 2 LinuxVST build and of course Ardour 3 (not included). JACK 0.121.3 and ffado SVN1995 are also provided. There has also been a lot of work done on the Video Editing side of things, For the full release announcement please have a look here:


Thanks, Glen MacArthur

Congratulations to your release of the great AVL, you really put a lot of effort into your work. I’m really looking forward to download it and -of course- will continue my tradition to show my appreciation into your work by donating to your project.

AVL played here out of the box with an M-Audio 2496, with Ardour/Mixbus and helped me inconspicuously and rock stable in doing exactly what I was heading for … making my music. Perfect, thank you, Glen, for that.

I will take the opportunity when installing the AVL release and upgrade my hardware. Now a P4 2,8GHz with 2 GB could serve up to 10 or 12 tracks without x-running, so I hope that I can add more tracks and plugins to my work with a more powerful mainboard. Well, in short words, a question to the experts … do you think an Athlon X4 3,2 GHz with 4 GB of RAM will assist me in my intention ? Can I expect a noticable effect in DSP ? Now I hang around at 40-50% DSP, up from there the things go worse. Maybe someone has some information.

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed