AV Linux 4.1 Released


Just passing along the new release of AV Linux (4.1). This one comes with a customized ArdourVST build with all the fixins… VST,LV2,FREESOUND, FFT_Analysis and WIIMOTE support, of course the regular Debian build is also readily available in the Debian Repos if you prefer.

Full scoop here: http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=976.0


Here is a tarball with everything you need and instructions in the archive, let me know if you need more help.


that sounds great, thanks for the work! i have your 4.0 installed, can i upgrade through the update manager… ? or do i have to install again?


To get the whole deal you need to install again, but if you just want the updated kernel or some of the new packages you can just install them manually, I try to keep as much compatibility with Debian as possible but I don’t have my own repositories so I focus on making the changes in the ISO, put up the changelog and let people decide if they want it or not. This differs from larger distros I realise, but I have to do what I can in the limited time I have to do it, If it’s any consolation this version will hopefully line up nicely with Debian Squeeze and be more easily updated with new packages and therefore not require a reinstall for a much longer time.

that s totally cool, actually this ubuntu updating thing all the time is quite annoying and also a risk, … “never change a running system” :wink: i was just wondering if i get your new ardour build installed on 4.0,…


Hi GMaq,
thanks for this great project.
I just install it, but during the process the screen saver comes up.
It askes me for password for the user tester.
Please provide me with the password for this.

Thanks in advance,

just found the password, it’s “live”