AV Linux 4.0 'Black n' Blue' Released!

Hello Ardour Users

Just wanted to pass along the new release of AV Linux. For the full scoop and program listing please read the following pdf release announcement:


AV Linux Website:


Great news !

Thank you GMaq. I’ve started with the former version - the best audio distribution I’ve tried until this date.
It would be nice if you would include more technical release notes (I care for about maybe 4 of those programs - and so I am just interested if those are updated) - yes I know Ardour is updated so it may be worth anyways.

Looks great Glen.
The best Audio Distro on the planet.

Somebody pay this brother.

Best regards


Thanks guys for the kind comments, as far as a more detailed manual…sorry there just aren’t enough hours in a day, at least right now anyway. If you need specific assistance you’re welcomed to pop over to the AV Linux forum.