AV Linux 2019.4.10 Released!

Hi Ardour Friends!

AV Linux 2019.4.10 has been released (7 days early!) :wink:

This release is basically an update of the ISO that fixes a couple of annoying bugs from the 2018.6.25 release with some notable updates and additions. It will mark the last release based on Debian Stretch and sadly it will also be the last release of the 32bit version. Future AVL development will focus on Debian ‘Buster’ and 64bit only. In the meantime I think this 2019.4.10 version will provide a fast, stable well prepared platform for AV Content creation for quite some time.


Refreshed expired Repository Keys for WineHQ and Spotify.
Updated and Fixed Repositories for New Cinelerra-GG site.
Updated and Synced all Debian and 3rd Party Repos (including KXStudio).
Fixed VBox Guest Additions removal script to allow /etc/rc.local to remain executable and enable Automount of external drives. (thanks korakios)
Fixed missing ‘linvstconverttree’ in LinVST.
Removed some obsoleted udev rules.
Installed and configured new Numix Circle Theme with AVL Customizations.
Updated Mixbus Demo to 5.2.191.
Updated LSP Plugins to 1.1.9.
Updated LinVST to 2.4.3 (now provided and working on 32bit and 64bit ISOs).
Removed redundant ‘ArdourVST’ build on 32bit ISO.
Updated Dragonfly Reverb Plugins to 1.1.2.
Added KPP-Plugins 1.0+GIT
Added AViDemux (very handy Video tool)

New to AV Linux? Please RTFM: http://bandshed.net/pdf/AVL2019UserManual.pdf

Find it here: http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/

Best Regards and Enjoy!


Awesome! I didn’t think there was going to be an update for a while given how busy you have been. Thank you very much!


Oh! Yess! Good news :slight_smile: Is downloading… LSP, KXStudio repos, nice logo - cool! Thank you, dear GMaq!!


I’ve never heard of this Kernel. I will have to check it out. Thank you for this post. I’ve been using Ubuntu Studio for a while, and I believe this would be a nice alternative.


I assume by ‘kernel’ you mean Distribution?

UbStudio is a fine product and is a great fit for a lot of people, AV Linux has a lot more detail-oriented stuff (ie RT Kernel, Seamless JACK/PulseAudio/A2JMIDI integration, OOTB Wine and LinVST set up, rtirq, Plugins and applications not packaged elsewhere, Audio file conversion and SFZ creation built in to the file manager and things like that…

Have a look in the User Manual linked above for more details.


Thank you much! AVLinux has been a joy to record on, and rock hard stable as my main recording and production computer, including for video and visual art, for the past six months.

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