AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

An updated 2017 ISO for AV Linux has been released, it features a new Audio Routing system,
many refinements and improvements and probably the most stable and functional collection of
Applications across the board to date! The older AV Linux 2016.8.30 ISO’s are currently still
in the FTPs and will be phased out soon, make sure to download the 2017.4.9 release.


  • Aligned with Debian 9 ‘Stretch’ instead of generic ‘Testing’.
  • Cleaned up some cruft that was hanging around.
  • Completely new PulseAudio/JACK2 Audio Routing (thanks Hermann Meyer).
    Guide here for existing users: http://bandshed.net/forum/index.php?topic=3937.0
  • JACK2 now ensures compatibility with BitWig packaging.
  • Added GCC6 compiler (now you can choose to compile with GCC 4.9,5 and 6)
  • Added gtkdialog for various tools (had been removed from Debian).
  • Moved to native Debian Wine Versions for various compatibility reasons.
  • Added GRUB Customizer to assist with setting up Multiboot systems.
  • Made MPV the default CD and DVD Player.
  • Added Spotify Client.
  • Quick Update Tool for Browsers and Flash without blanket updating during production.
  • Ardour 5.8 + libcairo fix for U-he Plugins (Thanks Paul Davis, Robin Gareus)
  • Ardour 5.8 WinVST build for 32bit AV Linux only (Thanks Robin Gareus)
  • Mixbus 4.0.151 (Thanks Ben Loftis, Robin Gareus)
  • Added WineASIO (compatible with Debian Wine Stable and Wine Development)
  • Added AVL Drumkits LV2 (Thanks Robin Gareus)
  • Added Guitarix LV2 Plugins (Thanks Hermann Meyer)
  • Added LSP Plugins (Thanks Vladimir Sadovnikov)
  • Update to Cinelerra 5.1 with MANY fixes and new features (Thanks GoodGuy and Phyllis)
  • General System updates + thanks as always to falkTX for the KXStudio repos

Notes and known issues:

  • First time AVL Users PLEASE read the User Manual in the Accessories Menu or found here:
  • Please favour the linuxaudio.org and Bytemark mirrors, Bandshed has limited bandwidth!
  • The ArdourVST Build on AV Linux 32bit will take a bit of time to run first launch.
  • The KX Studio repositories generate APT warnings that are harmless, these have been reported.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/
Donations of any size are welcomed!!

Best Regards, Enjoy!
Glen MacArthur - AV Linux Maintainer


AV Linux comes with Wine installed, installing Windows Reaper should just require right-clicking on your downloaded Reaper exe file and selecting “Open With” Wine Windows program loader or something similar… secondly there are also packaged Linux Reaper demos here:

reaper i think works best under wine, the linux version is still very beta…

One of the fascinating things about reaper is that it does what it does with ~9MB, from which you have to discount the bundled plugins. If a comparison of ardour and reaper makes sense at all, it would be for mac & windows users. On linux, it’s plain that audio recording wouldn’t be where it is without ardour. Still it is nice to have other DAWs, sequencers, plugin racks, loopers… around, because a linux entusiast will always like to play with modularity, even if perfect monolithic solutions exist.

Thanks, Gmaq! AVLinux keeps getting better. The number of hours you dedicate to the Linux audio community doesn’t go without notice. Likewise, thanks to all of the developers who assist with the project. The collaboration among you is awesome, a gift to those of us who otherwise wouldn’t know where to begin putting all of the pieces together.

GMaq - thanks!

Thanks guys!


You are right, AVL is nothing without the developers like Paul, Robin and so many others, they are the talented chefs! I am just the waiter… :wink:

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping AVLinux going! That release is another major step forward.

Oh and a charming waiter is just as important as the chef and don’t forget all the elves who clean the bar every night! But I suspect the customers actually come because of the pianist in the corner :slight_smile:


I’m very pleased with the new release. I’ll admit I have gotten nowhere trying to get Reaper installed. Ardour is my preferred DAW, but I’ve seen some amazing things with Reaper from other people. Thanks for the great work!

P.S.- I disabled my onboard audio and use an M-Audio M-track 2x2 usb device. I know that’s why I’m struggling with the wineasio configuration.


You know there is native linux developer builds of reaper available to test ?
reaper_550rc1_developer_linux_x86_64.tar.xz appeared yesterday fwiw

I do not use Reaper myself and will not promote it to anyone else since Ardour does a great job for me.
Don’t think Reaper supports lv2 which is a show stopper among others