AV Linux 2.0 Released!

Is it possible to download that kernels (with headers) somewhere? How did you build it, did you followed some howto or something?

Well, that’s a pity. I would have tried some of your applications on my usual Debian system. I won’t replace it, i spent so much time to customize it. And if i understood well, i cannot put AVLinux on a specific partition, can i?

AVLinux seems to be cool and a good work, i’m sure you’ll even improve it.

@ rozea

Yes of course, the kernels are available, the highmem folder has a Kernel with support for more than 4 gig of RAM, and the other is 2.6.29-rt1 and supports up to 4 gig, feel free to try them (no guarantees though). get them here:

Actually AV Linux comes with a little copy and paste -rt Kernel building guide in the “Manuals” folder in the users home.


You can install AV Linux on any partition you have available, You can use GParted in your existing distro or from the AV Linux LiveDVD to create a partition before hand or the Remastersys installer wil launch GParted for you to do it during the install.

You will need an existing swap, an available ext3 partition, and although you can’t preserve your existing /home you can pick a seperate partition to make a new home partition on if you like. Just be sure you know the sda number and sizes of your partitions so you don’t install to the wrong one. You can also choose if GRUB writes to your mbr or on the root of your AV Linux partition if you prefer to use the GRUB install from your existing distro.

Of course if you are unsure don’t try this or at least backup your data.

The Remastersys Control panel also has a utility to install to a USB Key from the LiveDVD or you can use the included unetbootin to do the same thing if you want to try that.

Ok, thanx. So i really misunderstood. I’ll give a try directly on one partition of my hard disk quite soon.


An updated ISO image has been put up with MINOR fixes

Fixes are detailed in the “News” section of the AV Linux Page:

Thanks -GLEN

The mepis community repo migration is complete, you can use the new repo with:

deb http://teharris.net/mepiscr/repo/ mepis8cr main non-free

You can find further information here: http://www.mepiscommunity.org/en/node/56


Wow, that’s great news for both MEPIS and all Debian Stable users, Thanks a lot for sharing that info!

I don’t know if you’ve fixed this since your last update but here’s something I found in your linux-headers package:

I created a stock Debian machine and added your 2.6.29-rt1 kernel to it. When I went to compile a v4l-dvb driver for my TV tuner, make was unable to find /lib/modules/2.6.29-rt1-rt/build/.config so I had to create a symbolic link to /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.29-rt1-rt/. Everything works now. Great job with the kernel, by the way. It’s performing really well.


Thanks for the heads (or perhaps headers-up) on that. I’m still learning as I go here so getting that kind of info is really appreciated, Glad to hear it’s working well generally speaking.

For the brave/crazy here’s a -rt14 highmem I built yesterday. Just to be clear you don’t have to have more than 4 gigs of RAM to run a highmem Kernel it just will support more than 4 gig. Check it out if you like:


I created a patch set for kfusd and oss2jack so that oss2jack can run with kernel 2.6.29.x and jack2 as well.
Are you interested in shipping AV Linux with those ?

Not that oss2jack is the most useful thing in the world but I needed it to run in my environment lately and found it completely broken due to kfusd not playing cool with the newer kernel API and jack2 handling client’s sample rate callback function a bit differently than jack1.

My patch set is most likely a dirty hack but it makes things work again. I have not found any weird issues with them. Just tell me if you want more info about it.


Hmmm (strokes beard slowly) Yes, tell me more, please.

What apps will folks will need this for?

what apps ? mmmm, gnome_wav_cleaner for example, or oss version of skype. Since oss2jack ports are permanent (as long as the jackd server is running), you can think of some cool thing to do :wink:
the firefox flashplugin would work out of the box as well, no libflashsupport needed, no weird pulse configuration.

Well, you see, not production apps, just odd stuff that still communicates via OSS ioctl’s
The only thing is: you would need to disable ALSA OSS emulation.

Again, this is not critical at all and newer kernels will use a new device proxy infrastructure called CUSE (replacement of FUSE). So, if you don’t care, that’s fine with me too :slight_smile:

Thorg - Can I call you Thorg?

It’s not that I don’t care, but a question of priorities, I’m thinkin’ my time would be better spent right now getting hip to the JConv Reverb, I must have been living under a bridge to have missed that one…Hopefully I can package it, Do you know of any existing Debian packages?


There is a package but for amd64 only …


PS: thorg ? why not ? :wink:

Hi GMaq,

I’m new to linux but… I’m really beginning to like it A LOT… :wink:

I have bought a MSI wind to turn it into a Linux based live looper.

I’m currently running Ubuntu Studio 9.04 because of the easiness in making it work on the MSI wind. But I’m not completely convinced with Ubuntu.

So my question for you is short and simple.

Will AV Linux 2 work and run “out of the box” on my MSI wind?


Hey G,

“…getting hip to the JConv Reverb, I must have been living under a bridge to have missed that one…”

Well, I think we’ll have to revoke your Linux license for that lapse. Sorry, man, the quality control department insists. :slight_smile:




I don’t know if it’ll fully support your MSI or not, Running the LiveDVD should give you a good idea.

@Dave Phillips

I knew I shouldn’t have bought that fake Linux license! You’ve found me out!

You haven’t lived, if you haven’t "Jconved.’



Currently downloading your livecd.

I hope it will boot from usb, that is if I can make it bootable through unetbootin. :wink:

I have installed debian lenny on my msi today and it works, nearly “out of the box”. I would assume that AV Linux will too.

I will be installing PD and SC3 on it if it works, any issues? Have you tried it out?

BTW: is there a AV Linux orientated forum out there?


Thanks for your interest in AV Linux, The current version comes with Kernel 2.6.26 with -rt kernels (2.6.29) that you can install optionally. The next updated ISO due out this week will run a base 2.6.29 Kernel which will probably have a better chance of success for OOTB support for your MSI,

I don’t have a forum (yet), I am a one man show for the time being so just keeping up with the development is more time than I have already, if the next ISO is as successful as the previous ones have been I will likely have to set up a forum. Anyway I will post an update at the Ardour forums when the new ISO is out, I’ve already got Ardour 2.8.1 up and running but there are a bunch of updated linuxDSP and LV2 plugins I’d like to include, my hope is to wrap it up this weekend.