Aux sends and phase invert

Hi all,

this is my first post to the forum. Let me say, Ardour is a really great piece of software, so thank a lot to the developers!

As I’m not an expert, please give me hint if that’s a silly question:

  • Some Audio on Track1 (not routing to Master)
  • Add to busses bus1, bus2, both routing to Master
  • Add Aux Send from Track1 to bus1 and bus2
  • Phase invert bus1

Expected behavior: bus1 and bus2 cancel due to phase inversion.
However, audio does not cancel, the phase inversion button does not seem to have any effect.
Bug or feature?

BTW, if I use the routing from Track1 to bus1 and bus2 instead of aux sends, everything works as expected…

Thanks a lot!


There is a bug in busses caused by the internal sends feeding into the bus at the wrong point relative to the phase inverter. Using external sends works correctly. Can’t give a date when this will be fixed.