aux send troubles

I have somes issues with aux send. In new sessions, there just dont work. I have no error message in ardour, terminal or jack. The aux send box appear in the track or bus, i can mute or adjust the level, but no sound is send. With older session all work fine. If i use external send, it work too. Insert work fine too.

Nothing have change in my config and i use the lastest version of Ardour.

Any Idea?

Have you got any plugins on the bus? Ive had a few issues where a plugin stopped working for whatever reason and had to remove the plugin then add it again to get sound back coming through the bus.

Also check that the bus output is actually connected to the master bus

hello, thanks for the answer.
No, i have no plugins on the source bus or track and the routing is good. I have done many tests, trying to isolate de issues, checked save files, config and so on.
The aux send’s vu-meter have signal, but nothing in the target bus.
I dont know if there is a link but all new plugins are inactive when i add them even i change the option in the Ardour’s config. I have try with older, self and pre compiled version of Ardour and i have the same issue, so i think there is something wrong on my system but i cant find it. Maybe something wrong in files acces rights?

so, some new sessions work fine and other not, i cant what is wrong :/. Is there a way to have a log or a debug command to know what happen please?

I also suggest that you test a build from

Thanks Paul, i will check that.

I have done many tests and i still dont find what is wrong. I have the same issues with nightly version and still no error message. Some new sessions work fine, other dont. but “bugged” sessions are still bugged when i load them. So i think there is a bad data in the saved file but i cant find it. I have also made some try with different studio in jack and different soundcards and no impact.

so i summarize:

the issue is on internal aux send. When it dont work, all internal sends dont work whatever source or target.
The vu-meter’s send have signal but targeted bus dont.
When i add or remove an internal send while playing sound, i ear a “click” as usual but nothing more.
Bugged sessions still remain bugged in time, non bugged session remain not bugged. so something is write in the save file.
All external send works fine.

I really dont know :frowning:

Ok I found the problem.
In saved file, there are some lines like this one: Processor id=“131” name=“return 1” active=“yes” user-latency=“0” own-input=“yes” own-output=“yes” type=“intreturn” bitslot=“0”
the active parameter was on 0. When i put it at 1it work again.
But i dont know why some new sessions start with the internat return disabled.
Anyway, now it’s working.