Autotuner (Plugin) ?

Hi community,

I wanted to ask if there is an autotuner for Ardour avaible. You know, these things are very comfortable…

Tuners, and lots of other convenient goodies, are available here:, not as part of ardour but “jackable”.

Hi Seb,

thanks, but these seem to be instrument-tuners. What I meant is something like the antares autotuner. So you play in your melodyline (vocal or solo instrument) and then this plugin corrects the pitch afterwards.
Good for naturally detuned instrument, or when you want to go away from the equal-tempered system etc.

There’s no LADSPA autotuner and I don’t think there’s an open-source standalone app that does it. Even if some VST autotuner can be made to run in Ardour, for the full functionality it needs to be fed with MIDI, right? Not possible currently.

There is a GPL’d program called ‘praat’:

that can do astonishing things with pitch/formant/duration etc.

You can retune vocals with it graphically, apply pitch from one vocal line to another, and do other things to speech far beyond ‘autotune’.

The only thing is the interface is very unintuitive and non musical. I’ve often wished I had the ability to simplify it enough to make it a musicians tool rather than a phonetics research one.

I just tried praat, works great, but is very unhandy. So what about merging praat’s pitch analysis and manipulation abilities into Ardour? This would be a “killer feature”…