Autotalent LADSPA "autotune"

Here’s one to add to your LADSPA arsenal:

Thanks Tom!

[Slightly OT…]

FWIW, I remember posting a message in the ‘Got JACK?’ thread about RT priorities that also isn’t anywhere to be found.

Yea, while I do agree it is impressive for only a week’s worth of work, it is not yet usable for anything close to natural sounding sadly.


@ Seb,

That was hilarious, oh my sides! The dev said it was not ready for prime time, shows promise though even with all the artifacting.

@ Seablade

I see you took down my forum link, I guess I was already on borrowed time here…sorry : )


Sending you an email while I try to figure out for certain what happened. I have a feeling I do know what happened, and it was likely an accidental deletion, but as I said I will try to figure out what is going on.



OK sorry, thought from some other posts you were the web dude, anyway it was obviously removed for a reason…makes me feel kinda bad because even that annoying “Why Ardour Don’t Work in Windows” thread hasn’t got yanked so I’ve properly pissed off someone, The ironic thing is I posted to inform people I wouldn’t be using the Ardour forum for that reason any longer and to say thanks for having been allowed.

Ah well…live n’ learn.

…And now back to our regularly scheduled program - Autotalent

Sounds cool Joe.

Please share what you came up with.

Gmaq, Actually I don’t know who did that. I purposely have avoided doing much with the website, and have avoided getting abilities to do so, so I don’t have that ability even if I wanted to. I will see if I can check on that though.


very embarrassing and possibly slightly amusing



Thanks to RMS et al for the song.

Maybe I don’t like for vocals to much, will be fooling with some keyboards and guitar and see what awkward sounds I get from it.

I heard a demo that sounded fine for simple pitch correction.

I’m sure that it must be in plugins page.
Let each one “judging” by self.
Thank you, thefoxbox.


I’m not sure it’s useful for anything other than “the Cher-effect” ATM, at least when judging from the demo.
But hopefully it’ll improve.

It is not “Melodyne” but for a days work it sounds like it going in the right direction.

Good find.

Hey, this is plugin certainly going in the right direction, and for v0.1 it sounds rather promising. And it’s GPL software, and native LADSPA, etc, etc. And that’s exactly what the biggest thing on my Linux Audio wishlist was until now!

Big thanks to Tom Baran for this!


Read this post for a ubuntu package of this plugin:

Replying to this old post because this post ranks high on search engines.

See also: Video Tutorial: how to pitch-correct vocals with x42-Autotune in Ardour 6

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