Automatticly layer track multiple octaves

I have found out that, if I have a track and then duplicate the notes down one octave and then two, and repeat that but going up, my music sounds so much better. How do I automate this? I have screenshots explaining this, but I am a new user and I can’t post them :frowning:

Edit: I am using Arch LInux

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I think you may find the solution in lua scripting. Here is a good starting point:

While Ardour can transpose MIDI (Region > MIDI > Transport), there is no direct method to directly create unisono lines.

I think the fastest way to accomplish what you like is to simply select the notes in the region (using edit-mode - press ‘e’), and then copy them and move them up/down by an octave. Hold the Ctrl key and drag the selection up/down.

Another solution would be to use a plugin e.g. “MIDI Chord” (from x42-plugins, packaged for Arch) allows to add an octave above and below.

That works extremly well, the last one but I think you are the author of it and for the key selector, you only added the names for Major keys and not their minor equivalents. You also filled up my applications list, don’t register that much stuff, only on windows, where I had so much garbage laying around

The final 8 second long result is good, I wish there was a music uploading option here, as I don’t want to upload on Youtube and also have my Youtube account be found.

Oh wow that is awful. I’ll ping the Arch packager who is responsible for this (the official binaries from do not do this).

Well Aeloian is just shifted by 6th up (or minor 3rd down). Other modes like Dorian, Phrygian etc. are also just the same scale, only with a different starting position for the root note.

The list would just be longer without exposing additional functionality.

C major, A aeolian (minor), D dorian, G mixolydian, are all identical (all the white keys).

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