Automation with nanoKontrol gone wild!

I have an issue. When I do automation with my nanoKontrol, Ardour seem to, some time, lost my fader ; and to recover it, I have to pass at the same spot as Ardour.

Let me explain.
If I want to do a FadeOut to 0dBfs to -40dBfs, some time the Ardour’s fader stop at -20 or -34 (no matter for the value, is an exemple), but I continue my FadeOut with my nanoKontrol ; the value between my physical fader and the Ardour fader are no longer coherents.
So, to continue my automation, I have to move my physical fader to -20 (or the value where the Ardour fader stop) and ardour find again my nanoKontrol and I can continue my automation.

I have this issue on my Linux. And prepare a kind of TV set with one Windows 11, and this problem continue.

Any idea ?

I’m french, sorry for the strange grammar.

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Nationality doesn’t matter. Everyone is helped here.
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It might help to check the inputs and outputs of the respective tracks.

This is normal for non-motorized control surfaces.

You can tweak things in Preferences > Control Surfaces > Generic MIDI > Edit

If motorized is disabled, Ardour ignores all control events from the hardware until the control-surface knob/fader position is close to the internal parameter-value. The “smoothing” control allows to configure this, a small value prevents discontinuities (the parameter cannot jump large distances when you move the knob). The larger the value, the easier it is to rapidly change the control.

See also Encoder initial value when a session is loaded - #11 by x42

Perhaps you want to enable motorized even if the nanoKontrol is not. In that case ardour will jump to the new value directly, but be aware that this can cause audible artifacts. YMMV.

Thank !
I chosse to use the smoothing.

All my configuration is ready, if it work, I’ll made a post to describe what I doing. I think it may be usefull for many of sound ingeneer.

Bonjour and thanks for posting. Hat tip also Rob.

I have one of these devices and have always experienced this. Never used it in Windows to compare, hehheh. It makes sense after reading the explanation, and should be the default behaviour. I’ll look into tweaking the settings as suggested.

Keep on making.

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