Automation with a bus?

I have a set of sounds that I want to appear are fading into the distance by increasing reverb and decreasing volume over time. I’ve set up a bus and created sends for both tracks to that bus. I then attached a reverb affect to the bus, and set up automation the way I want it.

The problem is that although reverb is being applied, it seems to be at a fixed value. In other words, neither the fader nor the reverb automation are taking effect.

Is this to be expected? Is there a way to get what I’m looking for here? I’m including a screenshot in case that helps show what I’m doing…

Apologies if the image disappears. It’s just being hosted on a home system.

@usernamenumber: this certainly should work. I’m a bit too blitzed tonight to think clearly, but either I or someone else will get back to you on the issue. Can you confirm that you’re using 2.8.11 ?

Hmmm what happens if you select in the automation button “Manual” instead of “Play”?


Sorry, Im wrong, it should be on “play” like you have it, I have it working without any issues.

Is the reverb plugin pre- or post-fader? If it is post-fader then the fader will be reducing the “input” to the reverb while the wet/dry mix is increasing the amount of verb … the net effect “might” be similar to a fixed amount of reverb.

You said you are feeding it from a send on the channels; does this mean that the channels still have a direct output to the master also? If so, you probably want the reverb plugin to be 100% wet, and fade the incoming channels down while you fade the reverb bus up.

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with your bus or automation setup; I’d investigate the signal flow.