Automation track shifted all by itself?

Hi there !

I had an almost finished project where I’m using fader automation on some tracks.
For two of the tracks, I created new playlists and added new content to them.

It seems this operation somehow shifted the automation points of those two tracks to the left (by some strange value, like almost a bar but not exactly)

None of the automations on any other track were affected.
These two tracks are not close on the timeline so no risk of selecting both and moving things manually by accident …

Did this ever happen to you ?

I fixed it by manually selecting the automation points of each track and moving them back to the proper location but as I was surprised by this “incident” I was wondering if I did something wrong or if it was a “feature” :wink:

Still using Ardour 5.12 (I have a couple of projects underway and I’m scared to upgrade in the middle :wink: )

Cheers !

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