Automation Touch Mode via Control Surface

How do I setup ardour to work with my control surface facers in “touch” mode. I want to be able to set the automation mode to touch, and then get feedback on the faders when I’m not touching them, and be writing automation data when I am. My control surface sends a midi message when the fader is touched/untouched, in addition to the regular position data. Any ideas?

Also, what happened to shuttle support? I had it working back in the pre 2.0 days, but it doesn’t work now.

What is the control surface? What is the message?

It’s an MCS-3800 from JL Cooper. Which message are you referring to? The one for when the fader is touched or for the shuttle? or both? – 'cause I’m not sure. I know if I bind the fader to the touch control that the fader in ardour will be all the way up when I’m touching the control surface and all the way down when I let go.
As for the shuttle, I had submitted a patch some time back that did correct acceleration. It made it into the tree, but I guess it must’ve been changed somewhere along the line with.

I am having the same difficulty with my BCF2000 in Midi mode (haven’t tried Mackie emulation - how stable is it these days) in both 2.1 and 2.0-stable-branch svn. Read and Write modes work fine but changing the controller in touch mode does absolutely nothing. Mind you because of automation feedback Write mode is working fine for me at the moment - but it would be good to get touch mode working as well.