Automation thin-out?

Now after little donation I’d like to ask, is there a method to reduce automation points?
Deleting those one by one is not very fun…

Ardour already thins recorded automation (i.e. during a write pass) to what it believes is the “correct” density. There’s no additional operation you can invoke to thin it even more, or to “re-thin” it after the fact. You can adjust the “thinning factor” used in Preferences. If you add automation points manually, Ardour will assume that you know what you’re doing.

A quick way to delete them is using shift + right-click (general delete operation). If you have lots of them, that’s still no fun though.

A Lua script can do that.

Paste the following to Menu > Window > Scripting ; edit the script as needed, and click “Run”. This example It thins automation of the fader-automation of all selected tracks:

Thanks for the Lua script, I think it will do finely!