Automation tempo change

Is there an option to glue automation points to grid in case of tempo changing? Midi events are following the tempo changes well, but automation points are staying. (Ardour 5.8.0)

No such option at this time.

Thanks for reply, Paul!

I carry on here so not to open another similar thread.
I have a track which the first one or two beats in 3/4, the rest of it is plain 4/4.
I still have to start recording it. Is it possible to start the two initial beats in 3/4 and carry on with the rest in 4/4?
In the first beats I only have to put a keyboard I guess, audio stuff not midi.

we support single bars of different meter; we do not support (and frankly do not even understand what it would mean) to support “one or two beats in” one meter, followed by a different meter.

do you mean “one or two beats” or “one or two bars” ?

It’s probably bars. You know, when you count keeping the tempo “one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four” or “one , two, three, one two three”.
Say waltz tempo vs pop tempo.
So, do I have to manipulate the little tempo tag (window) on the main window or there’s another operation to do?

I’m very extremely highly interested in this improvement for Ardour 6 – having automation points stick to the grid like MIDI notes do so they adjust automatically with tempo changes. The beta doesn’t have it, but I’m wondering if it’s on the docket?

There’s no 6.0 beta, only a pre-alpha version at this point in time (but we’re getting close).
Anyway, locking automation to music time likely won’t happen before the general music-time overhaul which is currently slated for 7.x.

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