automation precision suggestions


I notice 2 problems that disturb me often with the automation :

1- I cannot select a group of points and move them together, this causes the values to be messed up when I unselected the moved points, as if there was an algorithm that averages the points. I have to move each point or each line one by one.

2- I really miss a “perfect zero” function in the curves so I know that 0dB is really 0dB, and not -0.01 or +0.03 (when you zoom you realize there are many 0.0dB… which one is the real one?)
This would mean that you can be sure that the bytes are the same as the input. And something like a +0.01dB can be very destructive in terms of bit-depth.

IMO the handiest way would be to implement a function that puts the points you are dragging to the closest integer dB as you press CTRL. So as long as you maintain CTRL, you’ll only be able to move the point to a perfect integer value.


stuff like this should go in the bug/feature request tracker. you also didn’t say whether you are using ardour2 or ardour3. things are fairly different in ardour3 (though still far from perfect).

Sorry it’s ardour2 (didn’t have time to compile a new one)
Nothing is perfect but ardour is pretty good already :slight_smile:

Actually I care more about my second thing, because nobody will know if I moved each automation point one by one (it just makes things longer for me) but loosing a bit of quality on something that requires no change is a pity.
I just would like to have sometimes the insurance that the data going out is strictly the same than the original file read.