Automation points disappear after saving and reloading project


I am posting here because I have issues with drawing automation points and losing them after saving, closing and then reopening the same project in Ardour 6.5 (from the pro-audio package group from the Arch repos, installed on Obarun Linux). However, it is only on one specific MIDI track, where I am automating the modwheel to control mainly the volume and lowpass frequency of an Odin2 (installed from the AUR) brass style patch In the automation for this track, I have inputted some points that are directly above or below another one, with a gate effect in mind. However, after about 45 seconds in the project, this is the point at which any automation added after disappears after closing and reopening. Is this a bug with Ardour or do I have to install a different version?

Any help would be appreciated.

Could you see if this happens when you use an official Ardour 6.5 binary from this site? Even the demo version would be fine.You could also try the official binary from to rule out an issue with the AUR version.

That may be an issue. Does it help if you space them a bit further apart? It is usually impossible to move a slider instantly from one value to another.

Automation data is thinned when the events are too close to each other as follows:

If the area of the triangle formed by 3 automation points is small, the middle point is removed.

This usually happens when at play/stop when recording automation from a controller. In case you manually draw events this is done latest at session reload. I am not sure if this also applies to MIDI events. I’d have to check, but I think there is also a rate limit for those.

I tried spacing the points a little further apart (1/16th of a bar) and it saves properly now. I could have tried testing a different version, but for me, the spacing of the points was the path of less resistance. Thank you both for helping me.

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