Automation / panning - stereo - only on the right side

Hello !

This is an odd bug I just noticed after doing a whole project. I remember noticing something unusual the first times I used it, but got confuse with it since many tracks are panning on left because they were recorded this way or were added effects to do this panning.

My problem is only related to the automation / panning settings in Ardour. Tracks that are balanced in Audacity will start at center on 100 left settings and will end at the extreme right at 1. In Audacity / Alsa everything is normal for panning so I can always use it to fix my mixes (the normalization with independent channels is useful too since it keeps the mixing intact). Anyway, this is strange, to make mixes with the right channel only for well balanced recorded tracks.

  • I am using M Audio 2496 under Jack.
  • There are two in for each audio track like usual (right and left) + master / general in tracks and system playback in the system part (out 1 and out 2).
    -Sound is set to internal, tracks in 32 bits float in two mono tracks does have the exact same sound than in Audacity for stereo panning already in the audio files.
    -There is no reverb / chorus like effect when I pan, the sound is exactly the same.

Thanks for the help !