Automation of send volumes

Is there a way to apply automation on sends? I did not find it up to now. This would be very useful while using convolutoin engines for instance in a bus.

In A3svn it is possible. Create a external send on a track.
Do right click in the ‘trackcontrol’ view on the track where you placed the send.
Choose Automation’ > plugins > Send > fader.

I don’t know if A2 has it to, but maybe it’s the same if it is possible.

not possible in ardour2.

Oh Yeah, thats really what i tried to explain but possibly my english ist not good enough. I will go the way with many busses. Since i can hide them, it should not be a problem.

thank you

To toss another possible answer, is Mixbus a possibility for you? You can automate mixbus sends, giving you up to 8 automatable solutions for this.

Finally in A2, you can send first to a bus, then automate that bus fader and have that bus output direct to your reverb bus[s]. This is a bit kludgy as it means a LOT of busses, but thankfully an empty bus doesn’t take much processing.


My situation is like this:
I am working of an radio play. The actors are walking through many rooms. Every room is generated with a bus where a convolution reverb is placed. I need a mechanism to handle the volume which is sent to these busses only during a certain period of the whole project. I will be an overkill when i create a bus with an impulse response for every actor in different situations. Therefore I want to create only 1 bus per room. But then i need the possibiliy to control to send volume for every track of every actor. Currently my idea is to create a separate bus where I route the signal to these IR busses. This separate actor related bus could be controlled by automation. That means i will get many busses but this should not a performance problem. Do you have annother idea?