Automation of panning kills sound

Hi there.

I’m trying to automate panning of a track (Ardour 5.11.0 on Ubuntu 17.04).
My project has a master bus with four channels (for 4.0). Panning a stereo-track to this master manually works fine. When i automate panning, no sound is sent to the master anymore. Automation in the modes manual, touch and write is working, but switching automation to play mode “kills” all sound. Automation of the volume-fader works fine even in play mode.
What am i doing wrong?

I guess you do have a 2 in, 4 out VBAP panner on the audio-track. Automating VBAP is not implemented and not available.

Oh, thanks! A short and clear answer :slight_smile:
Too bad. No i see no good way to sweep a sound in circle round my four speakers.

I guess someone will have to fill in some code: - although it’s been like this for ages and it seems unlikely to ever happen. Nobody has a discrete speaker system for VBAP.

Ambisonics took over in the free-world and Ardour users that do surround-sound use amb* plugins. The commercial/proprietary world settled on N.M (5.1, 7,1,…) panning.

so sad… I’ve access to a surround system, but I’ve not enough code skills. If I can help someone to implement that, tell me.