Automation Curves

how do i make a automation curve rather than a straight line

something like this -

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Short version is right now you can’t. Ardour typically handles this by adding more points when riding a controller in WRITE mode.


hmm… :neutral_face:
any idea if this feature will be included in the next update (ardour6)?

Since Ardour 6.0 is almost ready for release, almost certainly not.

We hope to add function generators for automation.

Actual curves are of less use than they appear since most people use discrete mode, and data is only delivered where the control points are.

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I doubt that despite the look, the actually outcome matches the visual curve.

No plugin API allows to specify an interpolation to use, and most plugins do have an internal control-parameter interpolation mechanism to prevent zipper noise when a parameter is automated.

So as @seablade said, the only way to do this is by adding explicit points.

PS. Despite Ardour drawing lines, the y-axis may be exponential or logarithmic. This is true for control-parameters on a log-scale (e.g. Frequency) or gain-line parameters like the Fader. Ardour 6 allows to change the y-axis scale for those parameters, So you can indirectly get “curves”, even thought they’re drawn as lines.


If you just want the volume to fade-in…

To get a “fade IN / Out” just set your track Automation Mode to Write.
In the Mixer channel strip for your track, move the fader / slider to adjust volume, while the track is playing. This will record the volume “curve” you need, and can be seen in the Editor window, when you make your track fader automation visible. I’ve never needed a perfectly smooth looking curve to get the fade-in sounds I desire.
You can add more points, and drag the intermediate points of the automation lines, if you really want to smooth your “curve”.

thanx for info :smiley:

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