Automation curves in Ardour 7.0

Can we expect a custom automation curves feature in Ardour 7.0 release? In my opinion it’s important feature for mixing.


that would be applaudable

I agree! Does anyone also know if recording into Clip view will be featured in Ardour 7.0 ? I’m currently testing the pre-release and you can only import audio and play clips from it.

We have not yet decided. There will be a release of Mixbus first; it will not feature record-into-clip.

Note that you can record onto the timeline and then (fairly) easily push the newly-recorded region into a slot. But yes, this is not the same thing.

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Not currently planned for 7.0

Sad. For me Ardour is excellent for mixing because I have access to every plugin in every slot on mixer and I’m able to drag and drop plugns directrly from favourites to mixer’s slot. But for me is important to be able to do exactly what I want. Lack of automation curves is one thing which limit me in mix process.

Some clarity is required here.

First, my remark was about recording-into-clips.

Second, Ardour already supports arbitrary automation curves. What it does not currently support are LFO-style “parametrically specified” automation curves.

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Could you elaborate what you’re missing and why?

For mixing in general linear and log/exponential changes should be all that’s required. In some rare cases a [Catmull-Rom] spline might be useful, but since most plugins internally smooth parameters (usually 1st order exponentially) it’s a wash.

For sound-design I expect modulation is the elephant in the room that’s missing.

One area where I’d like to see automation curves in Ardour improve is with manual editing. For example, right-clicking a control point and choosing “Edit” allows for entering a precise value – but only for one automation point at a time. Multiple nodes can be dragged around together, but value changes via the context menu only affect the node the right-click was performed on.

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I’ve seen this requested before, but as you mention right clicking a node and choosing “Edit”:
How much easier it would be if you could also double-click the node to write precise value. Skip the menu. Please?

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Not OP, but I think I have the same “issue”. I often manually automate synths or effects and I end up drawing many straight lines to approximate smooth curves. Being able to control the curvature of automation lines would save me a lot of clicks.

Nothing that prevents me from getting the sound I want, it’s just much more work than with other tools that allow to draw automation curves.


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