Automation curves : a few questions

I have a few questions about automation curve manipulation :

1- When I manually draw points to create a curve (pan or fader), how do I remove a point ? I cannot seem to figure what mouse and keyboard combination would destroy a single point. I vaguely remember, in audacity, that you just had to drag the point out of the track canvas to destroy it (that was useful). Does ardour provide an equivalent action ?

2- how do I move the whole curve at once along the time line, like I would do with e.g. a region by simply dragging it horizontally ?

3- when I move a region along the timeline, why doesn’t the automation curve move along with it automatically ?

You see my problem : as soon as I move a region, I have to redraw the whole curve point by point because I don’t know the answer to these questions …

Thanks for any help,

  1. Shift-button3-click (the generic remove operation; see the preferences window to reset it)

  2. you can’t. sorry.

  3. at present automation regions are not coupled to regions.

You should likely use region gain curves for controlling gain in this way. They are bound to the region (they even resize when the region is changed).

We plan to change all this, but when … we don’t know for sure.

Thanks Paul. I will live with that until all of this is changed.