automation copy and paste

Is it possible to copy and paste automation between tracks?

I thought that applying automation to the first track in a group (with that group active) would apply the automation to all tracks within that group but sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. Any ideas?

Ok I figured out the automation to group issue I was having.
So to apply automation from one track in a group to all tracks in that group;
Set master automation track to play automation.
Set slave tracks automation to manual.
This automation on the slave tracks appears to be relative. This means that it will increment or decrement each slave fader relative to its starting position. So Zero all faders in group before applying! This may require temporarily deactivating group or removing tracks temporarily from the group.

Ok having said all that It ain’t behaving exactly as I though —sometime its seema to work and sometimes not.

I should also have explained that I am using Mixbus not ardour directly and behaviours could be different I guess, apologies for any confusion (I am already confused enough!)

very useful info thanks!