Automation bug?

Hi all! I’ve encountered a frustrating issue. I’m making some sound for a movie and use fader automation A LOT. The way I like to edit it is to drag the fader on the automation track during the playback rather than ponting and clicking points on the automation curve. But often (not always) when I do that, the fader jumps uncotrollably. Exemplum: fader position is at -5dB, i click it and hold, and at the exact click moment it jumps let’s say to +2 and yes, I can drag it, but with this offset of 7 dB, all while playing back. It’s grtting on my nerves, because I have to go back to the curve and edit it manually.
So, before bugtracker: have you guys met this problem? Is there a workaround, or maybe this could be my mistake somewhere somehow somewhat?

  • Ardour 4.7 buid downloaded from here
  • Kxstudio 14.04
  • Video present and xjadeo working, yes
  • Seems like it’s only volume fader issue, PAN and processors work fine for now

Thanks in advance for your time and any help!

I remember this happening with touch mode with the initial 4.7 release. I have the latest nightly installed and just checked though, and this doesn’t happen anymore (I use mixbus mainly, so had to double check haha). So, I assume this was fixed sometime between the 4.7 release and now.
If you don’t want to subscribe or build it from source, something of a workaround is to just use write mode instead of touch.

I remember to have met a simlar problem with Ardour 4.7 and older versions - but very rarely. So I almost forgot about it… :wink:

Thanks for your replies. Write mode automation works fine, but it’s not as comfortable as touch mode to me. It’s time to struggle with the compilation, I guess :slight_smile:

Nightly builds are available. If you’re a subscriber, just fetch one. But see this note also:

Why of course, I’ve read that note a while ago, but thanks for the info. I’ve installed the nightly build on my other machine and I will have a lot of fun with it in a few days, but for the video I make I would really like to use the most fresh AND the most stable version of Ardour currently possible.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Sometimes, freshest is synonymous with most stable. Sometimes it isn’t. Right now, I would say that the nightly builds are more stable and better in several important ways than 4.7. Will that still be true next Wednesday? Perhaps not. That’s the nature of closely following development.